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Very few of you know that I started my career working production at New York Fashion Week. My stint lasted 2 years (4 seasons). While working behind the scenes we never got to see the shows live. We were busy prepping the next look and the shows are super quick. We would catch glimpses from the small monitors backstage. After, paying my dues I graduated myself to attendee . This was no easy task as the shows are invitation only. I wasn't an established editor, publisher or socialite; equals not on the list. But, what I did have was industry knowledge. So, I developed hacks. This is what I did to attend shows. I'm sharing these hacks with you because it was a very fun time. I'm hoping that you have as much fun as I did.


Best dressed

1. Being impeccably dressed is first and foremost. Stand out with your style. This doesn’t mean labels or anything that will break your bank. You can simply level up your style use statement pieces and polished with a fashion POV use our page as a reference.


Use your resources

2. Start with your own contacts. Do you have friends, or acquaintances working in fashion PR, bloggers, publishing, showrooms, etc. A lot of times these people have access to the shows. They may not have a plus one option however, sometimes shows overlap, schedule conflicts and they can't make it to them all. You can easily use their name or credentials to attend.


Do Your Homework

3. Check out the NYFW schedule (link below) check off the shows that work with your schedule don’t discriminate on which shows you target. Some designers may be unfamiliar to you but, that doesn't. mean they are unknown to the industry or that it won't be a great show. I remember getting an invite from Nanushaka. I had no idea how amazing and popular this designer was until I did my research. I was grateful for that experience. Your next step is to find their PR companies or showrooms that represent them. DO some fishing to find the RSVP email for the shows and shoot your shot. Always RSVP from a business email. No gmail, iCloud, etc. have a professional email. Then wait and see what happens usually the day before the shows your I’ll get a response. Once you are on the list as an attendee, it takes a while for them to weed you out for upcoming shows so don’t be surprised if you get an unsolicited invite next season.



4. Literally get to thee venue a little early and hang around. Get to know the gate keepers by paying attention to who seems to be in charge (avoid them) seek out an assistant or intern. You can either be candid, make up a lost email story or try a name or company with some relevance. After, most invitees have filed in they will usually grant you some standing room if you're poised and consistent. Do not. I repeat do not rush to take an empty seat. If there is availability, they will seat you.



5. There are many opportunities available for production assistants. While you may not be able to see the whole show - you can catch a glimpse from backstage and see all the models and celebrities backstage. You definitely meet a lot of cool people. I remember being invited to the after parties. Besides that there is always the possibility of being offered to volunteer at other shows or even paid gigs, at the least you will be invited back next season.

Happy Hacking !!!


Buy Tickets

Bonus: Some emerging designers have began to sell tickets to their shows. Check them out here.


SB: New York venues require vaccination card for indoor entertainment. No hack available.


Schedule: https://nyfw.com/schedule/


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