Create Your Own MET GALA

Create Your Own MET GALA

Here are some tips on creating your own MET GALA themed party


Every year the MET GALA captivates us with it's art and fashion. Creating a whimsical theme for guest to use as inspiration for their looks. The red carpets some times leaving us questioning if the guest misinterpreted the assignment, purposely ignored it, almost had it or nailed it. At any rate we are thoroughly entertained. I think it is totally possible and would be so much fun to pull this off at your next event. I have created a list of tips on how to pull off a fashionable execution.


Guest List

Create a list of the MOST fashionable and stylish enthusiast in your contacts. Even those friends that you only know from social media. You will be surprised at how many people look forward to a night out. Every event is an opportunity to create some really cool content.


Hmmmm... this was tough. They definitely don't show you much of what happens or whats inside the ballroom. What we do know... is that the gala is a dinner. Guest speakers take the podium and what is said we rarely know. What we haven't seen is a dance floor. Although, gala implies some fraternizing. I have only witnessed table dancing. Even watching "The first Monday in May" didn't notice Ms. Wintor designate space for a 2 step.

This will obviously be at your digression. But, me I love a soul train line at a black tie affair. Make sure your venue has the space if you so decide.


You can always create opportunities for small business and up and coming brands to be a part of your event. This can help with the cost of your event. Asking them to sponsor your event in exchange for promotion. You can add their logos to your invites, tickets or media presentations for a fee.


Keep it modest with bold statements for social media moments and brand presence. A lot of the furniture can be rented. Table decor can be purchased at low cost. I prefer name seating and invitations which can also be designed and printed at low cost online.


Whether you choose to mirror a MET gala theme aor create one of your own, Make sure its full of creative expression. Don't make it too complicated. My choice will for ever be a GATSBY themed party.



Since most of us don't have a stylist or a huge budget. Here are a few places that won't kill the budget.



  • Photographer

  • videographer ( 360 or a fly social media moment ie. neon sign) please no step and repeats signage

  • servers or buffet/ bartenders ( even if its a dry bar)

  • production crew (set up and clean up)

  • Red carpet


Hope this helps! Ive actually been thinking about this for a few years! If you have one invite me LOL!

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